Elite-VB LLC is passionate about helping Alaska employers with no-cost solutions that will turn a “vanilla” benefit plan into dream dessert. With over 25 years of experience in voluntary, benefits communication and enrollment experience, our goal is to combine PEOPLE with TECHNOLOGY to improve the overall benefit experience in organizations with 5+ employees.

During these times when social distancing is critical, Elite-VB has been conducting 100% “VIRTUAL” enrollments and has done so for years. Benefits are more important NOW than ever before, especially DISABILITY and LIFE. We can conduct your enrollment with online tools such as my terrific video, text alerts, Zoom conferences and other virtual enrollment tools and then care for your new hires…month after month…all securely and safely.

Elite-VB is the only agency in Alaska to specialize solely on voluntary benefits. Under the leadership of Pamela Whitfield, with voluntary benefits as her sole focus since 1995. A leader with three carriers (Aflac, Allstate and Colonial) her clients were once 500 strong with over 20 agency. Since 2002, my agency has executed over 900 voluntary benefit enrollments. Elite-VB was re-branded in Feb of 2019 to provide more carrier choices to create voluntary benefit programs that are tailored to each company we work with. Every company has unique goals with their benefits, and our job is educating employers that voluntary isn’t just “nice to have” but critical for organizations. Our passion is to select the proper carrier that will bring the best products and enrollment strategy so that each enrollment is a success for both the employer AND your employees.

Expanding the agency to Alaska in March of 2013, we are deeply involved in the community and were named the #1 Business in Alaska by the BBB (“Torch Award for Ethics”) in 2016.

Let’s get together to discuss your benefit needs, challenges and objectives and see if Elite-VB can “sweeten your benefits” complete with an ice cream social to celebrate the programs and services!


Our clients are probably just like you: They seek to enhance their benefit offering without adding costs to their benefit bottom line.  In addition, you want to work with a local Alaska agency that gives back to the community.  Elite-VB’s “we care Mask project” is delivering masks to area hospitals, nursing homes and new clients.  Alaskans caring for Alaskan’s in this time of need.  That’s what we do – one busines at a time – caring for each other while getting back to business


We Believe In ADVOCACY:

Employees are in a fragile state. We will advocate for employees who, like many Americans, are one or two paychecks away from financial insolvency. If we can agree on that, then we can put together a program that will speak to those who need to protect them and their families.

We Believe In EDUCATION.

We don’t SELL insurance. We educate employees on the need for employee-paid benefits, then explain the benefits offered and how they work, present cost-effective solutions and employees make choices. We take the next step to show them how to maximize their benefits when they need them.


Elite-VB is a voluntary benefit broker, but our goal is to partner with benefit brokers to bring value to their clients with VOLUNTARY enrollment solutions and “best of class” carrier partners. Combined with 20+ years of solely voluntary benefit executions, our enrollment percentages tend to be upwards of 40% so we know they are successful and effective


Website, videos and the like are efficient, but insurance choices take a dialogue that can’t be replaced by a machine or link. We are helping people preserve and protect the most vitally important things that they hold dear: their loved ones, their health, their ability to earn an income. We take the time to learn about employee’s needs and then make suggestions that fit their budget and lifestyle.


Typically, extremely affordable premiums with employee-paid benefits is one of the reasons they are so appealing. An accident plan is as low as $.60 a day. We love to show off the affordability of voluntary premiums while also discouraging employers from simply “spreadsheeting” voluntary carriers. There is a lot more to carriers than price (enrollment platforms, communication materials, “boots on the ground” benefit counselors, etc.)


but not at the sake of education and knowledge. Technology should be used to enhance the enrollment experience and streamline HR processes with our Employee Navigator license, but technology should also be tool, not a crutch.


Pamela Whitfield

Founding Partner


Marshall Pickering



Todd Adams

Sales – Admin Support


Barb Leaf

Project Leader



Pamela Whitfield knows voluntary.  PERIOD.  It’s safe to say that she might be the only producer and agency owner with over 23 years of sales and agency leadership for the three biggest voluntary benefit carriers:  Aflac, Allstate (American Heritage Life) and Colonial Life.  As of 2019, can offer every outstanding carrier the market provides in Alaska.  Over $20 million in voluntary premium has been written in the carriers with thousands of happy policyholders.

Since 1995,  Pamela’s goal was always the choose “best in class” providers that are the best “fit” for your organization.   Under her leadership and guidance, since 2002, over 900 voluntary benefit enrollments with that many companies meant a lot of experience in every industry…from trucking to healthcare, from HVAC to Catholic Schools, from boroughs to regional airlines.  Each one of these clients have one thing in common:  they wanted to IMPROVE their voluntary benefit program and put their trust in Pamela and her team to evaluate, execute and service their program for years to come.

When looking at either implementing voluntary benefits for the first time or evaluating your current voluntary benefit program for effectiveness, product evaluation and on-going service, you want to ask your benefit broker the following:

  • What percentage of your agency’s sales are voluntary, i.e. EMPLOYEE-PAID benefits? Many brokers focus on core benefits such as medical, dental, vision, long-term disability, life as well as self-funded programs.  Voluntary Benefits are unique benefit as they need to be explained and presented in a fashion that is effective and yields an expected 30% + enrollment results.
  • How many years has you and your team been focused on executive voluntary benefit sales? Nothing takes the place of experience.  It’s easy to get a contract with a carrier and be a District Manager, but that doesn’t make you an expert in executing complicated enrollments with a history of happy clients.  Ideally your voluntary benefit broker will have testimonials regarding their years of service as it’s easy to implement a program, but years to build a positive reputation for service
  • What virtual tools does your voluntary partner use to ensure a successful enrollment? Videos are important as are other tools as voluntary benefits don’t sell themselves.  Great voluntary and mini-med enrollments all start with great carrier choices, then aided by strong enrollment communication tools, high-powered enrollment processes that are virtual while also ensuring a strong new-hire and reworks strategy for years to come.
  • Is a voluntary benefit broker new and why wouldn’t I work with a carrier rep? Well certainly you could choose to work with a carrier that is based in Lower 48 but a professional will understand that often one carrier cannot provide “best in class” programs if all they know are the products that THEIR company provides.  Employers who work with a voluntary benefit broker know that they can choose the best carrier in the industry that is the best “fit” for the company’s needs.  It just makes sense.
  • Leadership in the Alaska community: Ensure that your voluntary benefit broker is connected to Alaska’s professional organizations such as AAHU (Alaska Association of Health Underwriters), as well as ASHRM (Alaska Association of Health Underwriters).  Pamela was the President of AAHU for 2018-2019 and Professional Development Chair in 2019-2020.  Pamela is also engaged with the important organization working to lower overall healthcare costs:  Alliance for Sustainable Healthcare as our voice is critical in Juneau to effect change as all Alaskans deserve quality and affordable healthcare.

Pamela believes that now, 2020, more than ever, voluntary benefits and alternative medical options for Alaskan employers will play a pivotal role in protecting the employees that they employee.  Nothing is more important than our health and our financial security.  Time are challenging in the new world of Covid.  Elite-VB under Pamela’s leadership take our commitment very seriously to ensure quality programs with years of outstanding enrollments and Alaskan employers (both current and past clients) I am proud to call our friends.

We’re a phone call or e-mail away to evaluate your plan and improve everything from plan designs, premiums, underwriting and most importantly LOCAL servicing for Alaskan employers from 5 employees on up to 22,000.



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