Voluntary Benefits provide FINANCIAL WELLNESS and peace of mind to financially survive an injury or illness. This great video reveals the WHY you would want to learn more about the important benefits offered by your employer including disability, accident, critical care, hospital and life insurance programs.

For our EMPLOYERS, this video can be used to promote the benefits, used at a VIRTUAL group presentation, sent via e-mail or text. In six and a half minutes, let’s learn about FIVE important benefits with inspiring high level video content written and narrated by Pamela Whitfield.


  • 92 percent of US employers believe voluntary benefits and services will be important to their employees over the next three to five years*
  • Voluntary benefits are no longer just “nice to have.” They’re becoming the mainstay of employer benefits offerings, as companies increasingly work to address workers personal needs. Just 5% of employers in the WTW study said voluntary benefits had little to effect on their employee value proposition.
  • Voluntary benefits also speak to the need for personalization, which workers say they want in their benefit plans. These are voluntary benefits for a wide range of personal needs, which technology has made more accessible through apps and high-tech tools.
  • Personal financial problems are one of the greatest distractions for employees at work, according to the Center for Financial Services Innovation.
  • Recruiting and retaining quality employees: Employers that offer a suite of employee-paid benefits address a no-cost solution focusing on employee satisfaction. Satisfied employees don’t quit. Having an expert array of choices is one way to keep those valued employees from leaving for greener pastures.
  • 2019 Lively Wellness & Wealth Survey shows that THREE in FOUR Americans are surprised by how high their medical bills are when they receive them. This is especially true among 18-24 year old’s, with 83% agreeing that they are surprised by the high cost of medical bills.


You want the what’s best for you and your employees’ health and well-being. Yet rising health care costs can make it difficult for employees to take care of themselves and their families – and your budget can only go so far. Employees are in a fragile state and voluntary benefits provides personalized protection. Elite-VB will tailor affordable employee-paid benefits to the needs of your workforce while also complimenting your employer-paid benefits portfolio. Benefits include:


Disability insurance can replace a portion of an employee’s income if they are unable to work if they’re sick or hurt.


Life insurance helps provide peace of mind and financial security for the people who matter most in your employees’ lives.


Help employees pay for out-of-pocket costs associated with minor and major accidents – costs their medical insurance may not cover.


This coverage helps cover expenses associated with a surgery or a stay in the hospital that aren’t covered by most medical plans.


Critical illness insurance provides a lump-sum benefit to cover out-of-pocket costs if an employee is diagnosed with a covered illness.


Cancer insurance can help offset costs associated with cancer treatment and recovery, so employees can focus on getting well.


Keep employees smiling with dental insurance that can help cover routine and more costly dental procedures. Optional vision coverage is available.

Medical carriers pay the doctors and hospitals. Benefits such as accident, critical illness and hospital indemnity “bridge the gap” between what the carriers cover and what is out-of-pocket. 46% of the bankruptcies in the US are from Americans who have health coverage. CASH benefits help alleviate employees’ financial concerns regarding being able to financially recover from an injury or illness. Disability and Life programs can compliment your employer-paid programs and most plans cover family as well as employees who may not qualify for medical. The benefits of voluntary are many and we’ll uncover the ideal programs for your organization when we meet. Always using the TOP carriers in the nation, designing a “Covid-conscious” enrollment strategy that is effective while never missing the chance to service your new hires.


VOYA/SunLife: Larger employers may be a better fit for VOYA and/or SunLife as their voluntary benefit portfolio is custom designed for your organization, and they build each voluntary benefit to suit the employer’s need and price point. We use our amazing Ease Central Platform to enroll employees virtually…all at no cost to the employers

Transamerica / ALLSTATE: Not wanting one-on-one benefit counselors onsite? Transamerican and Allstate have minimum participation guidelines, high “GI” limits and outstanding products and benefits that shine. Enrollment options include online enrollment options that would work when face-to-face isn’t an option.

National General: Great option for employers who want their employees to have access to voluntary benefits but would perfect NOT to payroll deduct premiums from their paychecks. National General’s products include accident, hospital, cancer and critical care and employees can enroll through an online portal with premiums being taken out of checking/credit card.


A great voluntary benefit partner will not only provide your employees with “traditional” employee-paid programs, but also provide programs that will “sweeten” the enrollment experience. While voluntary benefits are valuable, at times, our agency will use VALUE-ADDED programs to aid in this participation of the enrollment experience. Many of these programs are either provided at no cost or with discounted funding options in year two and beyond:

When we meet, Elite-VB will go over the benefits that speak to employees in each workplace demographics: Baby Boomers, Millennials and now, Gen Z. Guess which ones are most concerned with their finances? Which ones are wanting a face-to-face benefit counseling session? You might be surprised, as benefits themselves are only as good as the communication strategy implemented to explain them. That’s the strength of an Elite-VB designed program: benefits + communication strategy + enrollment plan + on-going service!



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