“Alaska Heart has worked with the Whitfield agency and Colonial as they always give us the best deal. We shop premiums and consistently, Colonial has been more competitive over other voluntary benefit carriers, which means more of our employees can afford the valuable coverages they offer.”

Why do you offer Colonial? “Because it’s wrong NOT TO. Our employees deserve the reassurance if something happens, they can take the necessary time away they need to while knowing they have the voluntary benefits to financially assist them during that time.

April Park
Hr Director – Ahvi

Colonial client since 2013

“Having the Colonial voluntary benefits available to our employees integrated through Employee Navigator made the enrollment easy for payroll and easier for employees to make their elections.”

Desiree Gill, CPP
HR/Payroll Manager

Tumeq, LLC (The Kuskokwim Corporation)

CBNA switched voluntary carriers to the Whitfield Agency/Colonial for two basic reasons: lower premiums and better service. It’s that simple.

Why do you offer Colonial? Employees want the voluntary benefits (and will pay for the premiums). For some, it fills a need. No matter how good our medical coverage is, there can always be extra expenses. There’s no cost to CBNA, so why wouldn’t we offer it to them?”

Susan Clifton
CFO – Catholic Bishop of Northern Alaska

“We’ve had great interactions with your team. Angie is our benefit counselor and does a great job. She visits our various locations, she is down to earth, knows her products and our people can relate to her, which we like.

Why do you offer Colonial? We offer Colonial / voluntary to our employees because our employees have expressed an interest in them. We trust our broker and they recommended your agency. We feel that the programs make our employees feel more secure and heck, you do not need it until you need it and we have it. We have seen it make a difference in employee’s lives.”

Trina Kindred
Director of Administration

Shoreside Petroleum / Petro 49

“We enjoyed working with everyone at your Colonial agency.  To have a good service and offer voluntary plans to my employees has been a great perk.    The plans offer security as unfortunately sometimes bad things happen to good people.  The plans were presented to our staff and paid off for the employees who have participated in them. It’s always good to be informed, have options and have additional benefits.  It’s great to know the benefits are a safety net and extra security.”

Ramona Daly
Owner – Halo Salon

The Whitfield Agency has been our voluntary carrier since 2013 with Colonial Life benefits. Consistently, they are easy to reach, quick to reply and/or point us in the right direction for a solution needed. The managers at our locations like the consistent servicing at open enrollment, and the deduction reports are pretty “spot on” as well.

Why do you offer Colonial? One of the main reasons Three Bears offers voluntary benefits is that we are able to provide access to a range of policies for our over 600 employees, many of which they may not otherwise seek out on their own. Specifically, disability and life insurance are popular with close to half of the employees electing various options available to them. It is an added convenience that employees are able to pay for their policies through payroll deductions. Colonial has done a great job with claims being paid quickly, which is important as well.”

Alicia Reetz
HR Manager/Payroll Manager

Three Bears Alaska, Inc.

Back in 2013, Builders Millwork met with Colonial Life and decided that they had excellent voluntary benefit products and were priced more competitively than our current carrier, Aflac. Their team has been prompt to provide service and we are very happy that we chose Colonial Life as our voluntary benefits company. We encourage other employers to trust the Colonial Life/Whitfield Agency. It has been a “win-win” situation for our company and our employees.”

Feb 2019: As always, I love working with you and your wonderful company.

Kara Strong
Bookkeeper – Builders Millwork

(client since 2013 – initial testimonial and then in Feb 2019)

Switching to Colonial Life is the best thing that Three Bears has ever done in terms of voluntary benefits. The Colonial team has always been thoroughly professional and super responsive. On top of that, the switch to Colonial Life enabled us to offer better products and better pricing to our employees. Working with Colonial has been a huge win for Three Bears and especially for our employees.

Steve Mierop
VP/CFO – Three Bears Alaska

Client since 2013

Northern Printing has worked with Pamela and her team since 2013 and two words to describe their services is “no surprises”. The enrollment materials for our employees is straightforward, materials are always on hand for our new hires and we can always reach her and her team.

Why do you offer Colonial? Northern Printing offers voluntary benefits because we know our employees want them. Actually, we don’t see any reason NOT to offer these programs as they are at no cost to our company. Knowing this (employees want the coverage and are willing to pay for the benefits) I don’t understand why any company wouldn’t do the same.”

Jody Winquist
Office Mgr

Northern Printing (client since 2013)

Responsive, no B.S. and no hard sell, Marshall makes myself and my employees aware of the programs so that we can make an educated decision.

Why do you offer Colonial? I personally like the benefits, so why not offer them to my employees.”

Carl Propes
Scan Home – Owner

(client since 2014)

Having a consistent rep is huge to us we are a smaller organization and sometimes smaller businesses get left behind and you guys do not do that

Why do you offer Colonial? Sunshine uses voluntary benefits to bridge areas that our benefits do not cover such as disability, accident, cancer and critical care. In addition, we can offer benefits to those who do not work enough hours to qualify for the medical.”

Sky Pride
Benefits Coordinator and HR Assistant

Sunshine Community Health

Voluntary benefits create a well-rounded benefit package. It helps our employees with out-of-pocket medical expenses, especially our non-union employees. The union employees seem to utilize the accident and short-term Disability plans quite often. The Wellness benefits also help to pay for the preventative screenings as well. That helps to incentivize our employees to go in for those checkups and get reimbursed.”

Georgia Pfile
HR Manager

Weaver Bros, Inc (Trucking)

Colonial is a powerhouse in the voluntary benefit world and fortunately, their Anchorage Midtown Office can now provide employers here with a choice. In reviewing our voluntary plans in place, a thorough evaluation showed significant savings for the employees without sacrificing features/benefits. We are pleased that we made the switch and encourage other employers to check out the Colonial Life team in Midtown.”

Tammy Wondzell
HR Administrator

Circle Plumbing (client since 2013)

Pamela and her team are great to work with. Super responsive and no complaints from myself or our employees.
Why do you offer Colonial? The SeaLife Center is a small non-profit and therefore we always want to try and get the best “bang for our buck”. Offering voluntary benefits is a “no brainer”. There is no cost to us and our employees have a low-cost option that, in a small way, could provide a big positive impact on their lives, should they need the benefit.”

Amy Komarek, PHR
Senior HR Manager

Alaska SeaLife Center

Your local, easy to get ahold of, and my employees always report back that they had an easy time talking with you.”

Why do you offer Colonial? “We see the value in the benefits when someone gets hurt or sick that they can get cash benefits to get them back on their feet.”

Rachael Middleton
Health Centered Dentistry



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