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The pandemic was not only was a tectonic shift that brought rough seas.  It not only changed the world, but it changed the workplace and delivery of benefits…forever.  

Our agency has been designing, implementing and servicing voluntary benefit programs for over 25 years.  Now a voluntary benefit broker (based on Oahu), we tailor our “enhanced” solutions to “pro-benefits” employers who strive to offer the most outstanding benefits in the market.  We do this by learning about each client’s needs and then tailor the solutions without changing any of the core benefits currently in place.

My name is Pamela Whitfield, Certified Voluntary Benefit Specialist (CVBS) and we utilize top carriers paired with highly effective custom digital communication tools (video, text, e-mail, social media, etc.) to set your company apart from your competitors. With over 900 voluntary enrollments designed over the years, we educate our clients on the new workplace through our blogs, articles, videos and more as knowledge IS power.

If you’re a voluntary benefit broker, our new consulting division, Whitfield and Associates, will strictly focus on the DIGITAL COMMUNICATION strategy, design, and deliverables.  Partnering as your “digital communication expert”, our tools focus on employee engagement and education with custom branded solutions. Our videos leverage gratitude and appreciation to build loyalty to your client’s organizations. Visit our website here.

We are passionate about improving health outcomes for Alaskans as well as those in Hawaii and Elite-VB is honored to be the exclusive distributor for Amaze Health: not insurance, but rather a “paradigm shifting service” that can deliver amazing virtual care for the entire Ohana (family) 24/7 including mental health, prenatal, primary care, etc..  As a healthcare consumer, “access to care” is critical (it’s not only about cost) and Amaze Health can be introduced to any organization, union, PEO’s, associations, etc. for full or part-time employees for a little more than a dollar a day.  Video intro here.

Elite-VB is also proud to be Alaska and Hawaii’s exclusive distributor for Benefits that Benefit Children (BTBC) – a charity focused marketing program.  This program pairs “best-in-class voluntary benefits” (from Manhattan Life, Norton LifeLock, Genomic Life, etc.) with corporate giving.  THe program engages employees to learn about the benefits being offered and in turn, a donation is made to a local children’s charity/hospital. Learn more with this video

None of us know where the winds of change will blow or if we’ll encounter rough seas.  My role is always keeping an eye on what’s new and can make a difference in your organization while “charting a path” that leads to high employee engagement!  Aloha and Mahalo

Experience + Knowledge + Passion = Results

Thank you for visiting our website and learning more about our agency.  Looking to work with an industry expert that understand the post-pandemic workplace?

  • On the “About” page, I share my background as an agency owner in Washington, Alaska and now Hawaii.  
  • On the Employer page, I explain why 2022 is such an exciting time for voluntary and why you always want to conduct “active” enrollments.  There is also a case study
  • On the Broker page, I have my video, share another case study and more
  • On the Resources page, this is chocked full of my eBook, brochure, articles, scope of services, and of course my 
  • Blog page, with the latest blog an education on the power of digital consumption and how to leverage to drive high participation in voluntary enrollments in 2022
  • Voluntary Benefits, Benefits Communication, Enrollment Technology and Service discuss Elite-VB’s expertise with the four elements that we focus on when creating a great voluntary benefit program for our brokers/clients.


Drop me a line, pick up the phone…let’s change lives together by telling amazing stories, providing outstanding benefits, saving employees in premium, helping HR to tell their story and having some fun in the process!

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Pamela Whitfield, CVBS

Certified Voluntary Benefits Specialist

Founding Partner, Elite-VB LLC

Elite VB works with forward thinking brokers and employee-centered organizations, creating post-pandemic employee-paid benefit programs that aid in recruiting while providing financial security and peace of mind for the employees we serve.

Our Solution

Voluntary Benefits

Employees’ needs have changed, and carriers have responded. 

2022 plans bring relevant features paired with competitive premiums that blow away pre-pandemic plans in force, delivering high participation levels while aiding with recruiting and retention.  What employees wouldn’t want richer features and lower premiums?




Benefits Communication

At Elite-VB our part-time job is designing rockstar custom videos and digital tools that blow away generic pre-enrollment communication. 

We believe each client deserves has a story to tell and we have the talent to make enrollments fun and engaging.  Our communication is clear, simple and effective




Enrollment Technology

We leverage technology as a tool, not a replacement for people.  We know how to implement and service Covid-19 compliant enrollments through our use of technology, knowing that your employees and their needs are the focus of every design.

To engage employees, we make the process simple, modern, and personal.





Initial Open Enrollments are easy…we believe where the rubber meets the road is in the follow-up and follow-through.  We ensure the first invoice is correct, that employees know where to get help with policy information, and more. We are committed to supporting claims here in our office as our agency will NEVER be “out-serviced.”