78% of employees say that their employer offering voluntary benefits is a deciding factor in choosing to work for an employer in 2022.

Corestream Survey 2021

The Value of Voluntary has never been so powerful

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I am so blessed.  For close to 30 years, I have been in an exclusive segment of employee benefits that truly embodies the phrase “win-win”:  voluntary benefits.

  • WIN for the employer:  who doesn’t love no cost/impact to their organization’s bottom line while expanding the benefit program to include benefits their employees need, want, and will pay for 100%.
  • WIN for the employee:  Through the convenience of payroll-deduction, employees can obtain coverage that aids in financial protection and peace of mind with programs that are exclusive to the organization, and that they can’t obtain anywhere else and it’s just that simple.


With a looming recession, we need a sense of urgency.  Ensuring employees have benefits with the best “price point” means they can secure the coverage they need to weather through the tough times as this when coverage is needed the most

The “once in a century” Pandemic changed everything

Job Seeker's Market

In two short years, employers lost the upper hand when it comes to recruiting and retention. Vying for talent has never been more challenging.  I wrote an eBook that explains HOW the pandemic changed the workplace and how employers can leverage voluntary at no cost to compete.  It’s valuable.

Remote Work / Life-Work Balance

A majority of workers who were able to work remotely are never going back.  Productivity is up along with employee satisfaction.  Believing that a pre-pandemic face-to-face enrollment process can adapt and deliver results is a “square peg” in our “round, post-pandemic” world.

Financial Stress

Is at an all-time high with 60% of employees having less than $1000 in savings.  Many employees are dipping into retirement savings to make ends meet.  Most affected?  “Gen X” workers who are asking for more financial education and access to products that are so affordable at their young age. 

Benefit “wish list” has changed

The Pandemic begged carriers to adjust their benefit offering with new plans that include features that are relevant now:  telemedicine, daycare, Covid diagnosis, mental health, substance abuse.  Not only have they responded, the plans outshine pre-pandemic plans with lower premiums!

Bottom Line

One of the reasons voluntary benefits are popular is because employees TRUST their employer to have vetted the benefit offering…ensuring their employer/broker annually explores relevant features + low price point.  We take care of the comparison so why wait to find out how dramatic an improvement can be realized?

Guarantee Issue is "golden"

Many employers/advisors put upgrading their voluntary program on hold due to the Pandemic.  The wait is over as we don’t have a crystal ball but life goes on:  we get older each year and for some, their health has changed.

While many brokers/employers have taken advantage of “guarantee issue” (i.e., NO HEALTH QUESTIONS) over the years, I really don’t understand why individual products / no “GI” is still in place in 2022

The advantages:

  • When new VB automatically covers ALL employees, HR has a new tool against to compete for talent; being able to cover those with a history of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, while providing peace-of-mind.
  • And brokers love it as enrollment results increase as no one is declined coverage.


How great is that?  I know we will never go back to underwriting again!

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Amaze Health: One partner, one platform, one name to trust

Amaze Health is nothing short of amazing. Because it’s a “paradigm shifting solution” it may take more than just watching my video to learn how powerful it can be for ANY organization, as it’s really about changing lives by improving health outcomes for the entire family for about $1.50 a day (for employee and their Ohana/family).

We know that in Hawaii, employers are mandated to pay for medical for employees working under 20 hours.  This benefit is not only for those without medical, but for ALL of your employees…(watch the video).

No age bands, no health questions, doesn’t matter if employees have medical or not, it’s is amazing.  Just close your eyes and imagine each employee (old, young, sick, healthy, etc.) having an app in their pocket/pocketbook that an connect them to immediate care to prescribe, diagnose, care for them 24/7.  The benefit is also portable.  Amaze Healththe future of healthcare in our post-pandemic world (watch the video)!

In September of 2022, our agency became the exclusive distributor for Benefits the Benefit Children (BTBC).  This is a charity-based program that is administered by National Benefit Partners (NBP).  Organizations who wish to offer approved voluntary benefit products (accident, disability, critical illness, life, ID theft, and more) through top carriers (Symetra, Manhattan Life, AURA and more) can make a positive impact on children’s charities and hospitals in Hawaii and Alaska by joining the program. 

When employees meet with a benefit counselor to learn about the benefits, a contribution will be made to the charity of the company’s choice by BTBC (not our agency or the carries write the check).  No purchase is require by staff.  At the end of the enrollment a large novelty check is sent on your behalf to the charity.  A great “win-win-win” for Hawaii and Alaska employers as well as a way to upgrade your post-pandemic benefit package at no cost to your organization while aiding in recruiting and retention.

Will you become a Champion for Children?